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Here you will find all sorts of information about metal detectors and treasure hunting.


I have been serving the California North Valley for over 30 years as the owner of Comstock Metal Detectors. First in Chico, and now in Paradise.


I have owned and operated Comstock Metal Detectors in Chico and Paradise, California since 1980. Over 30 years of serving the needs of the north valley. In that time, I have made many exciting finds of nearly every kind of treasure and have helped many people make discoveries of their own. I am happy to share my experiences and pass on my knowledge to my customers. Hands-on training with their metal detector before they head out into the field is just one of the many perks that come along with being a customer of Comstock Metal Detectors. Anytime customers have questions or need help, I’m here for them. I even offer to take them to places where I've found treasures myself to help them make discoveries of their own.


Since there are so many different kinds of detectors, with various features and prices, the first thing I try to do is find out what kind of treasure my customer is most interested in finding. Armed with this information, I can then match up the best machine to accomplish his goals. Oftentimes, the best or most expensive machine isn’t necessarily the best machine for the job. Check out the Whites Electronics web site for all the different models available and more detailed information on the features. My own favorites are listed here under Metal Detectors.

Welcome To Digger Bob's Web Site.

Browse around my web site, read some of the stories, see what some of my customers have found, and check out the pictures and links to some of my favorite web sites. I even have a few videos on You Tube with some history, tips, and instructions you might find useful. Periodic updates are sure to bring more exciting stories and pictures, so come back often.

In addition to Whites Metal Detectors, I also carry accessories, books, and recreational gold mining equipment (pans, sluices, digging tools, etc.). If you've lost something of value, I’m available to help you find it by either renting you a detector so you can look for it yourself, or by accompanying you to the site and looking for it myself. Just give me a call!


Remember, you too can find treasure! It’s out there just waiting for someone to discover it, why shouldn't it be you? All you need is the right equipment, the right frame of mind, and the right person to get you started. Start with Digger Bob and Comstock Metal Detectors!

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