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I do have a few detectors that I will rent to people who want to find something they have lost or to see if the hobby appeals to them.


I have a very easy to operate coin machine which is ideal for looking for that lost ring, keys, or property stakes.  I also have a mid-level gold detector for those who want to try their hand at nugget hunting.  Both of these have good discrimination of bad targets and identification of good targets.


It only takes a few minutes of training to get the hang of how they work. However, due to the value and complexity of the high end machines, I don’t have a detector to rent such as the GMT or the V3i.


These machines are complex to master and take time to understand the settings and the responses of targets in the ground.  A first time user would be overwhelmed and frustrated by what they are hearing.  Even though I take the time to explain how to use them and what you will be hearing, it takes more than a few minutes of training to understand them.


Rental rates are very reasonable.$20 per day or $35 for two days with a $300 deposit.

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